Friday, January 23, 2009


Man, what a whirlwind so far!  I thought I was going to be able to give a Dick Vitale type play-by-play on this thing but it's a little hard to stay up to the minute when every one is filled with feeding, diapering, cooing, bouncing, running to appointments and the occasional hour or so of sleep BABY! (That's the Vitale "baby" in case any of you ACC fans were wondering).  We did actually catch a couple of games the other night though (that's why sports commentators are on the brain) while we were in between baby moments.
Well, here's what you've all been waiting for... photos!  We've taken a ton, as well as some videos (got to figure out how to upload those to the computer first!), so I'm having to edit down.  I'll post more tomorrow but here are some of our favs.

Andy has been amazing... everything from labor & delivery (you should hear him tell it from his perspective--"surreal" is a term he's used frequently when describing it) to all of the activity at home.  Lathan LOVES him to pieces.  It's amazing how wide he opens his eyes and how quickly he quiets down when held by daddy.  I've always told Andy that babies love him...I think this proves me right (somebody quick... put that down in the record books!!)  He's a natural at it too... it's awesome to watch...I can't believe how lucky Lathan and I are to have him  (ugh, I'm getting misty just thinking about it).
I mentioned to two different moms (my own and my friend Madeline) that I've been crazy hormonal since the pregnancy started and just about anything could make be start weeping (for instance, WALL-E, just glancing though a baby book, a killer face-melting dunk from Danny Green-sorry State fans, we watch a lot of UNC ball in the house lately). They both said that that doesn't change.  It's funny (strange funny) how when you're asked an arsenal of questions about how your feeling post-partum, no doubt to identify if you have any depression, if you've been crying at all.  H-E-double hockey sticks YEAH I've been crying (not excessively though)--how can you not be moved to tears when you're staring at something so beautiful & sweet.  Jeez I'm sappy... let's move on to poop. (Just kidding)

So, just for general update purposes...he's doing great but has had a little bit of jaundice so he's been kickin' it on top of a very rave-a-licious blue light mat (sounds like some freaky European club--"dude let's go to "GLOW"  and have some appletinis & lay on the blue light mats").  Apparently it's doing the trick as his results from the 2nd heel prick blood test said he was improving.  I can tell he's looking "pinker" too.  Ronnie-man, I can't wait for you to see this kid.  Andy and I crack up at how much he reminds us of you...golden-red hair and rosy cheeks (you know how you used to do "Sad Ronnie"?  Lathan has that down pat and he's never even met you!!)  Usually we get to see Sad Ronnie-Lathan face when there's a diaper prize awaiting :)   Anyhoo, he seems to be getting much better (yay).  It hasn't affected his demeanor at all though...very sweet, happy, lots of squeals & squeaks and of course, the occasional crying/screaming.  Nothing disturbing though (thank goodness).

We're having a great time with him but we also miss you all.  Can't wait to show him off to you soon.  We've had a few outings (Dr.'s office, hospital for labwork) but not much big...we may wait a bit to parade him around just to avoid any overwhelming moments for him.  It won't be long though.  If anyone is interested in coming by to see us just let us know and we'll try to set something up.  Our schedule is erratic to say the least but we've come to know when we can handle visitors for the little monkey (or minkey if you're a Peter Sellers fan).  You should see his little shoulders--they're crazy fuzzy and with his long arms and tight grip he really does come off like a monkey-boy.  Maybe we should've named him Tarzan.  I guess we'll save that for the next one :)

Oh yeah, we were being discharged from the hospital just after the inauguration of President Obama (we had the pleasure of watching it on CNN uninterrupted in our room-surprising for a hospital-all you moms & dads know what I'm talkin' 'bout)!  We commented on how cool it is that the country is making it's transition just as we are!   Historic.

Enjoy the photos. 
jennycakes, bossman & monkey-boy


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  1. Yeah! Welcome home! Sounds like you guys are doing great, sleep when you can! We would love to come by and meet the little guy sometime when you are ready, I will make sure we are all in top form and not carrying toddler germs. Let us would have to be a Sunday so Seth could come...let us know when you are ready!