Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snoring Creatures

Well, it's rare that I get a moment these days to just sit and write while everyone is snoozing (usually because I'm doing so as well) but here we are.
Lathan is on his 2nd nap of the morning (and he slept great last night--what a doll) and Mooshu is just in the midst of his day-long transcendental nap--sometimes snoring with his eyes actually closed, sometimes the eyes are open but he's definitely asleep, sometimes he's kicking & yelping while asleep (I'm sure it's a dream about skipping though a field chasing butterflies--not being attacked by Lathan).

I've just been thinking this morning about some of the things I appreciate.

Some of the more mundane, yet AWESOME things include (but aren't limited to):

**Mr. Clean Magic Erasers--what are those things? They are truely magical.

**Waterproof Mascara--I don't yet have any but I will be purchasing some today. With my new sappy personality I really need to make that part of my arsenal. My friend Madeline recommended a book called The Kissing Hand for when Lathan starts school. I went on Amazon just read the review and got weepy. Jeeze.

**That kind of lipstick that's supposed to stay put and not kiss off. (Lipstick is probably my #1 beauty product I can't live without--but I can't be leaving kiss marks all over Lathan's face :)

**Downy Wrinkle Releaser--I may never iron anything ever again. It smells great too (it's still questionable whether it kills my brain cells or not--there has to be a catch somewhere).

**Rescue Me--The show on FX. Come on people...start watching, it's amazing.

**Wolfmother--I may need to make one of their songs my official theme music. I feel like I can take on just about anything when I'm listening to them.

Of course, these are all "things"--what I really appreciate most are my awesome family & friends. Ok, I'm not going down the "misty" road to elaborate--I have a meeting in an hour!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yep...he's got the teeth!!

If you look closely you can see a couple on the bottom in this picture.

It's been quite a while since the last post and in that time 3 teeth have emerged...two definite bottom teeth as well as a newly sprouted top front. He's been doing well with the teething bit. Not too fussy. He just like to sink his teeth into any and everything. We had a 6 month visit to the pediatrician that went really well. It looks like he's long for his age right now. Who knows, maybe he'll be Papa's (Andy's dad) height!

We had a great trip to visit Nana in Kinston a few weeks ago! We got to visit with Nana, her neighbors and friends and make a stop into The Chef and The Farmer for dinner (finally!). Yum!! We had a such a great time...Lathan really loves his Nana with ferocity! He took to her like an Armstrong kid takes to the arcade! :)

We've had some fun swimming outings (see the new floaty tube) and some great kiddie pool action in the back yard. He's loving letters & text everywhere (his Granddaddy knows to wear his Columbia t-shirt since Lathan is so facinated with the embroidery!). We bought him some foam letters for the bathtub that he loves (so far we've spelled out "fun time" and "picture"). He just wants to chew on them. [sigh] Hopefully something is sinking in.

Lots of pictures to share, no need for too much prose. We'll just let the photos do the talking!

Somebody needs a bath, a story and bedtime! Gotta scoot.

Lathan & his Nana in K-town. Big smiles!

Discovering Mooshu at floor level.

Chillin' in the pool! Loves his new floaty.

Bathtime in Coco's sink after the pool. Love the water in all it's forms!

Me & my handsome man in the backyard.

Mooshu & Lathan kickin' it on the couch. 'sup?

Beautiful reflection of that peachy face in the front door.


Love this pic. He looks so hilarious (this is a tooth sucking moment).

My how he's grown. Look back through the blog and see his "heartbreaker" pic.
He's at least doubled!

The family at Coco & Granddaddy's in Pittsboro.

Lathan wanting to crawl so he can go over and torture MooShu. It won't be long before MooShu has to start finding good hiding places.

Lathan in the crib with Sophie, his French teether. Sounds like some kind of character in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film!

Helping Mommy make pizza dough. He was very interested in this--must take after me!

Bathtime smilies.

Here's a series of photos this morning. He looked so cute in the AM light I had to take a bunch.