Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been a busy week here in Apex!  Last Friday me, Lathan and Nonni (my mom) went on our first shopping trip!  It turned out to be an all-day affair with many firsts...the first lunch out in public (Panera), the first breastfeeding foray out in the world (I highly recommend the "ladies lounge" at Nordstrom in Southpoint), and baby's first exposure to that weird high pitched sound that some of us hear in department stores (anyone else hear that or are aliens trying to communicate with me?).  It's weird, Lathan was cool out in the mall but when we entered stores he pitched a bit of a fit.  We even tested it a bit and, sure enough, he didn't like going into the stores.  Maybe that's some kind of anti-shopping gene passed down by Andy.  Ha!

Monday we went out to Durham to meet our friends Seth & Jessica and their daughter Fereday for lunch at TOAST.  It was awesome!  That is SO our kind of place--and it's baby friendly.  It was good to get out with them and compare notes and, of course, see how their beautiful daughter has grown.  

On Tuesday Andy and I decided to try going out again and we went to our "cantina" downtown in Apex.  It was a quick trip (we can usually have a meal there, pay and be back in the car in 30 minutes).  Lathan started to get a little antsy towards the end so we made quick work of it.  Still--it was my first post-partum margarita--it was a big day!!  It was SO delicious.  Thanks LaRancherita!

Here are a few fun pics to check out...

Here's a cute one of him sleeping--he's got this thing with his left hand--frequently in a fist and propped up on his chin.  He's a thinker.

Next, a shout out to Leslie Hollis for gifting this awesome "SwaddleMe" wrap!  It's really been great.  I like to think of it as a baby straight-jacket.  It works MUCH better than a standard receiving blanket and keeps him snug.  His a picture of post-swaddle bliss.

Lastly, we had a lovely photo-shoot the other morning--me, Lathan and MooShu.  I was working on some photos for the announcement (yep, still haven't sent that out--we'll be able to send out birth and graduation announcements at the same time at the rate I'm working).  MooShu was very interested in what we were doing, as he always is and found a way to work himself into the pictures.  He's incredibly photogenic just like his new baby brother.
If you don't say "AWWWWW" when you may need to check your pulse...

I couldn't help but include this pic as well...I think I'm responding more to him rather than the other way around but it's a start.  I just read our "baby sign language" book yesterday so I'm going to start working on some communication ASAP.  It will be awesome for him to sign "milk" or "change" without trying to read the cries!  We're just enjoying our morning happy time together in the nursery here!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There has got to be some kind of "anti-squirm" feature they can add to cameras these days, right?  With all of the "smile recognition" and low light settings there are they've got to know that huge numbers of photographs are taken of new babies that SQUIRM!  I would say one out of every 25 shots we take defeat the squirm factor.  

Now that my rant is out of the way...HAPPY ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY LATHAN!! 

 I can't believe it's been a month, and what a great one.  We enjoyed our rainy birthday by eating, sleeping & pooping with the occasional story-time and some quality "look around at all of the stuff in the house" moments.  While I was scarfing down some lunch Lathan kicked-it in his carseat on the counter and discovered the kitchen.  Since it was day-time but not too bright I think he was able to take in more than usual.  

Andy took a few shots of Mommy & Baby in front of Frank, our lovely pink camellia that's in full bloom (but that will likely be toast in a couple of days because of the cold).  I don't know how we came up with that name but he, Frank, has really taken to it.  We moved him when we first bought our new house and he's been by the garage ever since.  TMI? Tough biscuits.

So I had an audience during one of our nursing sessions the other day--nothing freaky...just all the pets staring at us!  Skippy made one of his rare and infrequent approaches to Lathan and gave his sweet baby foot a lick. (Any of you who know Skippy the cat know that he's a foot licker).  When I said that Skippy was "licking" the baby Andy said..."no he's not, he's TASTING him".  AUUuugghh!  Skippy wants to devour Lathan!  I guess it's not that weird, I want to spread him on a cracker with some fig jam and eat him up too.  Anyhoo, I thought that was hilarious and creepy all at the same time.
Well, tonight State & UNC meet back up in Chapel Hill so we're going to see what kind of pain will ensue.  I've heard that the infamous Zeller will be in for UNC tonight.  Wow!  He was our pick at the beginning of the season until he was injured.  I thought he was out for the whole season!  Of course he's got to come back on Wolfpack night...ugh.

Yesterday we (Lathan & I) made our first excursion to CE Rental as mother & baby and had a blast!  Vicki has a magic touch with the little guy...he didn't make a peep the whole time we were there!  I had fun showing him off to the crew there but missed Wil & Charles...we'll catch up with you next time guys.

I think my time is running thin (it's almost dinner for all of us) so I'm going to wrap this one up.
Here's something for a good laugh...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That's right folks...Duke-UNC tonight at 9pm.  Lathan's gonna get some bouncing during the game I'm sure. Fortunately Andy and I aren't the types that yell at the screen during a game.  We do high-five a lot when there are face-melting shots from behind the arc though.  I even preempted American Idol for this game (don't worry...there's a backup plan-Tivo in the bedroom!).  I'm sorry but I've got to see the conclusion to Hollywood week, right Idol fans?  By the way, in case any of you didn't see the amazing buzzer beating shot by Lawson a week or so ago in the FSU game you gotta check it out.

Lathan had the best seat in the house (our house, that is) for the last UNC game.

Speaking of bouncing...I've noticed that Lathan likes it when I'm laughing.  I'm sure he's used to the motion from being in the womb.  We were cracking up at the Daily Show last night and he just snoozed right though my guffaws on my chest.  We've decided he's going to be a funny kid.  Of course we don't get to decided that...we may get Alex P. Keaton instead.  Either way, he's cool.

We've had a lovely day today.  Lathan and I took our first walk around the neighborhood!  We used our car-seat adapter for the "uppababy" stroller (we are really diggin' the stroller) and it worked splendidly.  It wasn't a long walk but he seemed to like it.  There was a lot of wind today so we decided it felt like the beach (this was a good test run for heading out to the grandparents place at Hatteras).  He had a nice shady trip out but lots of sun on the way back. There was no fussing so we're chalking it up as a successful trip.  

Finally, watch this hilarious SNL "commercial".  Couldn't have had a timelier release.  You may need your own pampers in order to watch this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting into the Groove

I can't believe it's almost been another week!  This time 3 weeks ago I was kickin' around a work, gathering linens for the party and adding up mileage.  It seemed like a regular day (although it was my last sizable event before I planned to take some maternity leave) until around 6:30pm then BAM! baby-time has arrived.  It seems like kind of a blur looking back now--not that I don't remember all just has gone by so fast!

I have to say, I've been eating quite well since on my baby-moon. Having a 
chef at home is a definite plus!  Andy mentioned today that he had used the cuisinart more in the last 3 weeks than ever.  Tonight it's braised beef spareribs, mashed potatoes & broccoli!  Yumm!!!  If it weren't for him I would be eating frozen pizzas 3 times a day--not to mention Lathan would be really bored.  He LOVES to look at Daddy.  This morning Andy had him mezmerized on the changing table.  I was reading about fathers magical abilities to quiet the baby yesterday in one of my books. Apparently it's one of those closely guarded trade secrets.  I've really got only the one, well, actually two tricks up my sleve :)

Lathan and I have really gotten into the "napping" groove though.  It's true when they say "sleep when the baby sleeps". It's helped me keep my wits about me in a major way.  Over-all I'm probably getting the right amount of sleep for an average adult in a 24 hour period, it's just in 2-4 hour increments.  Last night was our smoothest night yet as the middle of the night feeding was very quiet, only a little over an hour, with almost no pacing and "shhhhshh"-ing before getting back to sleep.  I attribute part of that to more frequent feeding during the day yesterday and a damn fine swaddle & quick nurse right before returning to bed at 3:15am.
  Some times you just nail it.  Other times an arm pops out faster than he can soil a fresh diaper.

Lathan had another eventful bath this week of which I was able to capture a couple of shots.  He actually liked it for a while, then we presumably took too long (it was probably the pause for picture taking that did it) and he went into full wail mode.  You sure do want to just eat him up after a bath though...all warm and sweet smelling.  Yum. Special thanks to Chris & Jacklyn for the baby bathtime goodies.  You can't beat the classic Johnson & Johnson products (oh, the irony!!).  Seriously though, why does baby shampoo smell so awesome?

Andy also went back into work this week for a bit (don't go Daddy!!) and came back with some awesome loot from all of our buddies at the museum.  I will be sending proper "thank yous" soon but I can already say Lathan's enjoying his mobile (he really does like to study it) and his super cute night lights--they look like little alien-worms.  We also received a nice stash of moo-lah for the babe which we'll be putting toward starting his college fund.  Another gift we got in the mail this week from my brother & sister-in-law were two onesies--one NCSU & one UNC so that Lathan can choose his affiliation.  They mentioned that the NCSU one was on sale!!!! Ha!  

I guess it's been an busier week that I realized. I guess you can tell as this is the first chance I've had to actually sit and type out an email.  The days have been flying by (slow down!!) and Lathan already looks like he's trying to grow up!  Time does fly when you're having fun!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eyes Open!

Happy two weeks Lathan!  It's hard to believe.  The days slip by so fast! 

So, many of you who have come by to see Lathan have found that he's usually sleeping when you're here so you can't see his eyes.  Here are a couple of shots where you can finally see what he looks like in an alert state (yay!).  He is adorable while he's sleeping but even more so when he's looking at you with what we think will be his baby blues.

Here's one where he's on the changing pad (sometimes a smiley experience and sometimes a scream and kick experience--we've found that just the sound of the velcro tabs on the diapers sometimes set him off).  

Here's another but close-up.

Here's Lathan and Mommy getting some face time in the kind morning sunshine.

Also today we're trying out the "moby wrap" for the first time!  That's one of those hippie-looking long pieces of fabric that you wrap in a strategic manner around your bod and tuck the baby in.  So far it's awesome!  He's tucked in right now and I have both hands free to type! (Thanks Kathryn--we love it!)
We took a quick trip outside and walked around the backyard in the sunshine (it was about 2pm when we made our outing).  It's actually a really nice day--about 60 degrees--so it was a pleasant little trip.  Mooshu accompanied us as our guard dog just in case any cats or burglars or cat burglars approached us.

Andy's out picking up supplies (you think you go through diapers about wipes! Yikes!) and some goodies for the game tonight (superbowl sunday y'all!)  We'll be fastforwarding through all of the game time so we can watch commercials and a few minutes of the halftime show.  Bummer it's not Prince in the purple rain again...or better yet--JT and Janet!  Yowza!!
We'll see how the baby likes hot-wings and blue cheese dressing.