Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eyes Open!

Happy two weeks Lathan!  It's hard to believe.  The days slip by so fast! 

So, many of you who have come by to see Lathan have found that he's usually sleeping when you're here so you can't see his eyes.  Here are a couple of shots where you can finally see what he looks like in an alert state (yay!).  He is adorable while he's sleeping but even more so when he's looking at you with what we think will be his baby blues.

Here's one where he's on the changing pad (sometimes a smiley experience and sometimes a scream and kick experience--we've found that just the sound of the velcro tabs on the diapers sometimes set him off).  

Here's another but close-up.

Here's Lathan and Mommy getting some face time in the kind morning sunshine.

Also today we're trying out the "moby wrap" for the first time!  That's one of those hippie-looking long pieces of fabric that you wrap in a strategic manner around your bod and tuck the baby in.  So far it's awesome!  He's tucked in right now and I have both hands free to type! (Thanks Kathryn--we love it!)
We took a quick trip outside and walked around the backyard in the sunshine (it was about 2pm when we made our outing).  It's actually a really nice day--about 60 degrees--so it was a pleasant little trip.  Mooshu accompanied us as our guard dog just in case any cats or burglars or cat burglars approached us.

Andy's out picking up supplies (you think you go through diapers about wipes! Yikes!) and some goodies for the game tonight (superbowl sunday y'all!)  We'll be fastforwarding through all of the game time so we can watch commercials and a few minutes of the halftime show.  Bummer it's not Prince in the purple rain again...or better yet--JT and Janet!  Yowza!!
We'll see how the baby likes hot-wings and blue cheese dressing.

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  1. Wow. He does have some beautiful peepers.
    Love the photos you've been posting.
    Happy Two Weeks Lathan!
    Aunt J