Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting into the Groove

I can't believe it's almost been another week!  This time 3 weeks ago I was kickin' around a work, gathering linens for the party and adding up mileage.  It seemed like a regular day (although it was my last sizable event before I planned to take some maternity leave) until around 6:30pm then BAM! baby-time has arrived.  It seems like kind of a blur looking back now--not that I don't remember all just has gone by so fast!

I have to say, I've been eating quite well since on my baby-moon. Having a 
chef at home is a definite plus!  Andy mentioned today that he had used the cuisinart more in the last 3 weeks than ever.  Tonight it's braised beef spareribs, mashed potatoes & broccoli!  Yumm!!!  If it weren't for him I would be eating frozen pizzas 3 times a day--not to mention Lathan would be really bored.  He LOVES to look at Daddy.  This morning Andy had him mezmerized on the changing table.  I was reading about fathers magical abilities to quiet the baby yesterday in one of my books. Apparently it's one of those closely guarded trade secrets.  I've really got only the one, well, actually two tricks up my sleve :)

Lathan and I have really gotten into the "napping" groove though.  It's true when they say "sleep when the baby sleeps". It's helped me keep my wits about me in a major way.  Over-all I'm probably getting the right amount of sleep for an average adult in a 24 hour period, it's just in 2-4 hour increments.  Last night was our smoothest night yet as the middle of the night feeding was very quiet, only a little over an hour, with almost no pacing and "shhhhshh"-ing before getting back to sleep.  I attribute part of that to more frequent feeding during the day yesterday and a damn fine swaddle & quick nurse right before returning to bed at 3:15am.
  Some times you just nail it.  Other times an arm pops out faster than he can soil a fresh diaper.

Lathan had another eventful bath this week of which I was able to capture a couple of shots.  He actually liked it for a while, then we presumably took too long (it was probably the pause for picture taking that did it) and he went into full wail mode.  You sure do want to just eat him up after a bath though...all warm and sweet smelling.  Yum. Special thanks to Chris & Jacklyn for the baby bathtime goodies.  You can't beat the classic Johnson & Johnson products (oh, the irony!!).  Seriously though, why does baby shampoo smell so awesome?

Andy also went back into work this week for a bit (don't go Daddy!!) and came back with some awesome loot from all of our buddies at the museum.  I will be sending proper "thank yous" soon but I can already say Lathan's enjoying his mobile (he really does like to study it) and his super cute night lights--they look like little alien-worms.  We also received a nice stash of moo-lah for the babe which we'll be putting toward starting his college fund.  Another gift we got in the mail this week from my brother & sister-in-law were two onesies--one NCSU & one UNC so that Lathan can choose his affiliation.  They mentioned that the NCSU one was on sale!!!! Ha!  

I guess it's been an busier week that I realized. I guess you can tell as this is the first chance I've had to actually sit and type out an email.  The days have been flying by (slow down!!) and Lathan already looks like he's trying to grow up!  Time does fly when you're having fun!

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