Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been a busy week here in Apex!  Last Friday me, Lathan and Nonni (my mom) went on our first shopping trip!  It turned out to be an all-day affair with many firsts...the first lunch out in public (Panera), the first breastfeeding foray out in the world (I highly recommend the "ladies lounge" at Nordstrom in Southpoint), and baby's first exposure to that weird high pitched sound that some of us hear in department stores (anyone else hear that or are aliens trying to communicate with me?).  It's weird, Lathan was cool out in the mall but when we entered stores he pitched a bit of a fit.  We even tested it a bit and, sure enough, he didn't like going into the stores.  Maybe that's some kind of anti-shopping gene passed down by Andy.  Ha!

Monday we went out to Durham to meet our friends Seth & Jessica and their daughter Fereday for lunch at TOAST.  It was awesome!  That is SO our kind of place--and it's baby friendly.  It was good to get out with them and compare notes and, of course, see how their beautiful daughter has grown.  

On Tuesday Andy and I decided to try going out again and we went to our "cantina" downtown in Apex.  It was a quick trip (we can usually have a meal there, pay and be back in the car in 30 minutes).  Lathan started to get a little antsy towards the end so we made quick work of it.  Still--it was my first post-partum margarita--it was a big day!!  It was SO delicious.  Thanks LaRancherita!

Here are a few fun pics to check out...

Here's a cute one of him sleeping--he's got this thing with his left hand--frequently in a fist and propped up on his chin.  He's a thinker.

Next, a shout out to Leslie Hollis for gifting this awesome "SwaddleMe" wrap!  It's really been great.  I like to think of it as a baby straight-jacket.  It works MUCH better than a standard receiving blanket and keeps him snug.  His a picture of post-swaddle bliss.

Lastly, we had a lovely photo-shoot the other morning--me, Lathan and MooShu.  I was working on some photos for the announcement (yep, still haven't sent that out--we'll be able to send out birth and graduation announcements at the same time at the rate I'm working).  MooShu was very interested in what we were doing, as he always is and found a way to work himself into the pictures.  He's incredibly photogenic just like his new baby brother.
If you don't say "AWWWWW" when you may need to check your pulse...

I couldn't help but include this pic as well...I think I'm responding more to him rather than the other way around but it's a start.  I just read our "baby sign language" book yesterday so I'm going to start working on some communication ASAP.  It will be awesome for him to sign "milk" or "change" without trying to read the cries!  We're just enjoying our morning happy time together in the nursery here!

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