Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was a miracle that I got him to sit up long enough for this shot...he kept sliding down to one side...
pretty hilarious to watch.  Check out those tootsies!  

Check out our onlooker from inside the house.  Cute.  He's concerned.

Well, let's call it what it is...COLIC.  That's right.  I said it.  It's such a random term anyway.  I would say today we officially experienced it though.  I just finished putting him down after a marathon 3+ hours of "fussing".  We tried a bunch of our tricks, one of which worked for a while...a bath with mommy.  He's a slippery little bugger!  We had fun in the bath but revisited some wailing afterwards.  Finally some killer zen-buddhist temple music, a tight swaddle and a mountain of patience from Mommy and Daddy did it.  We could tell his tummy was pretty poofed out (I think that's a medical term...tummy poof) so I'm guessing it's some major gas of some sort.  It's probably some funky blue cheese I ate last night, who knows.  It totally does break your heart to see him so upset.  The only consolation for him late tonight was a double wet diaper change followed by a poop and a ponk.  Whew...big day.  Earlier today (it was kind of a fussy day over all) we hit the jackpot with a dishwasher run and the bouncy seat...here's proof.  It really does work!  I actually ran a load again later this afternoon to work it's magic again (sorry environment--I'll make it up to you next time).  It worked though :)

Anyhoo, today was a real mixed bag.  He had so many super cute sweet calm moments and some real brain-splitting crying.  Andy did mention that he thought that he may have possibly seen & heard a smile/laugh combo but that it's hard to say because of hiccups I think.  We've definitely seen some sweet smiles and happy faces though.  His favorite time is post-diaper change when we're hanging out at the changing table making faces, blowing raspberries and staring at his current favorite painting by Stanton Macdonald-Wright.  He loves that thing...and to think I thought of taking it down before he arrived, crazy!  It's such a perfect poster (formerly in the restaurant at the museum, ages ago) because it, abstractly, depicts a mother and child.  Awww.

Well, we've had some fun this week...a trip to the grandparents in Pittsboro and a super sunny walk on his warmest day yet (82 degrees!!  Yikes).  We also got out to the Apex Community Park (aka Lake Pine Park--Cary claims it as their park too...don't you have enough yet Cary?)  The first trip out was great.  Very mellow, no crying, enjoyable.  Today was more of a challenge--but we were glad to work some bugs out of our system!  We had our first park diaper change (those benches could use a couple more slats...and maybe a cushion...am I pushing it?), as well as our first outdoor nursing session.  We found a bench on a closed trail (did that stop us, uh...no) and went to it.  I
 can't wait to go to a LaLeche meeting this week to find out how the H-E-double hockey sticks ladies nurse without any kind of pillows!!  I'm so used to my home setup that it's hard to make it work out in the world.  We tried to hoist him up on our diaper bag, which helped, but it's no Boppy, I can assure you of that.  Anyhoo...we made it work well enough to get out of the park.  Lathan was carried by both Andy and myself for the last leg of our tour though...screw that carseat business.  

Last week (at least I think that's when it was...the days are REALLY starting to melt together) I had a great lunch with Kira at Porters in Raleigh.  She pulled some strings with her crew at Urban Food Group and got us their private room all to ourselves!  We rapped about babies and American Idol.  Ahhh, American Idol, one of my many luxuries.  Hopefully I'll get to watch it tonight to see the first round of the real thing.  Go Anoop!!  Represent Noop-dog!  If you don't get any of that YOU NEED TO WATCH IDOL.  Stop resisting it.  Resistance is futile.  Ryan Seacrest is your fearless leader into the world of mediocre singers and wacked out performances!  DO IT.  DO IT NOW.  (Kira, was that a good enough push for a few new members of our club?  I'll let you know the outcome)

Ok, I hear some stirring behind me in the crib.  I'm gonna slap a few photos on here and call it a long, tiring but happy day. :)


Oh, one last thing...guess what this Sunday is?  It's SELECTION SUNDAY y'all!!  Get ready to fill out your brackets for a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  Just kidding, it will probably be more like $120.  Still, you could buy a serious chunk of Citibank with that nowadays! :)

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  1. Jennifer, Lathan has gotten so big! Heartbreaker onesy is soooo cute! I am so happy for you guys. Your blogging is hilarious. Moo Shu is quite the protector - good for you guys. Hope all is well. I look forward to seeing you.