Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tourney Time

Well, the tournament is well underway and I'm guessing just about everyone got their bracket destroyed in the Midwest region.  How 'bout those upsets!!  Too bad I didn't get to see any of them.  Lathan developed a new cry last night that we spent some quality time trying to figure out.  We worked it out though and then caught up on "The Office" instead of getting sucked into a 2+ hour game.  He actually slept for about 5 1/2 hours too...not bad.

We made our first trip into the museum on Thursday...that was a big day.  Lathan was great and is obviously a ladies man.  He enjoyed all the cooing and attention very much.  It was so fun to see him surrounded by ladies on O-level.  It must've sounded bizarre to someone tucked back in their office not knowing what was going on.  I thought Susan A. was going to take him home with her, and he might have let her! :)
That afternoon was spent resting, it was pretty exhausting--for both of us.

Today is off to a good start...Lathan is wrapped up in his new snuggly "bee" wrap that Aunt Jeanne sent us yesterday.  It is adorable (I'll get pictures soon).  It's black & yellow striped and comes with a black hat with antennae.  AWWWW.
He's been snoozing for a while now--since before Daddy left for work.  I've actually gotten a ton of things done---I know, I're not supposed to work while the baby's sleeping but it's hard to get back to sleep first thing in the morning when the day is as lovely as this.  I'll sleep later (ha!)

Yesterday morning I got some great pics of Lathan in our office chair.  He decided that today was the day he would give Mommy a genuine laugh & smile--actually multiples!!  It was so fun and I almost missed it while I was trying to keep him upright and take pictures simultaneously!  I did catch it though--total magic.  Isn't he adorable in his Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat looking "baby legs"?  Love it.

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