Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For all you Spinal Tap fans.  This one goes to 11.

It's been quite a while since the last post and there's been lots of discovery going on.  He has officially learned to smile!  Today has been the "smiliest" day much fun.  Currently an exaggerated yawn and saying "OOooh" repeatedly is what will elicit the best grins.  He's napping right now.  All that smiling can wear a guy out!

The mobile and his new spacey "skip-hop" activity mat are giving him a lot to look at (they also buy Mommy some free time occasionally).  He also digs his keys that Jessica Gross gave us.  They're one of those basic toys that an adult would think "that's not that interesting", but of course he's fascinated by them.  Just shaking them in front of him does the trick.  Who knew?  

He really wants to figure out what his hands are for.  Most of the time they're in fists and he thinks they're for bonking himself in the face.  Funny, that's not really what they're for kid.  We're going to break out the wrist rattles again and see if he can start to figure it out.  He has grasped a few items but I don't think they're really purposeful grasps...with the exception of my hair.  He means to grab my hair and not let go, ever.  That's the monkey coming out in him. :)

Coco & Lathan practicing "standing".  He's got crazy-strong legs!!

Yesterday was the first time Lathan was left with babysitters sans Mommy & Daddy--fortunately it was Coco & Poppy (my mom & dad) so they were familiar faces!  Sounds like things went well--no trauma.  Seems like it was a good experience for everyone.  Coco & Poppy got to feed the baby a bottle (he scarfs that thing down in no time), burped him (no spitup!!), changed a couple of diapers, played with him, got him to nap, encountered a brief period of screaming.  That just about covers it.  Add to that a bath and carrying him for hours on end until your arm goes numb and that's about it for now!  We're so lucky to have them so close by (and willing)!  Lathan had a great day yesterday with them and with me.  He was super sweet in the morning, had a good time with the grandparents, then was super-nappy all afternoon.  He even snoozed while I watched 2 Jeopardys, a Daily Show and American Idol (Andy napped through some of that too :)

Mommy & Baby--Back in Black (what, did we just come from a Black Sabbath concert or something?)

There are too many pictures for one post so I'll put a few here and pop on a few without all the wordy-words next.

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