Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Ride

Well, it's 10:57PM and Lathan's just up from his 5 hour "nap".  Since he's not sleepy he's joining me while I type out a quick entry--say hi Lathan!  (He says--"en-geh" which we'll take as meaning "hi")

We went for  a walk today and it was pretty sunny (but cool) so here are some pics of my bad little dude pre-walk.

We also had some excellent "tummy time" and a drawer cleaning session (he's already grown out of so many cute outfits!)
He's really starting to dig his ABC flash cards (the Charley Harper illustrations are so cool) and getting into some of his fav is "I love you Stinky Face".
Lastly, Mooshu wants some props for being the baby guardian...he's been such an awesome "old baby".  Here's a recent pic of him :)  He's really not as miserable as he looks!

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