Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, it's been an eventful two-ish weeks since the last post with lots of ups and a couple of downs. Lathan's growing by leaps and bounds and he just gets cuter and funnier every day.
We're all loving that it's spring so we've been out in the garden a bunch, out for walks and out to the Garden Supply Company for lots of supplies! Not only do they have great planties but they have a kitty (always a bonus) and a blue merle great dane (like Khan!).

It's beautiful out there and one of Lathan's new favorite places. Yesterday we went out with Coco and shopped for plants for her window boxes. It was a beautiful Saturday, lots of people out, and Lathan took a ride in our "Baby Bjorn". He loves Swedish design :)

Sadly, our big down was that a couple of weeks ago we lost our beloved kitty Skippy. He was getting up there (16 years old--if you figure in dog years that's 112!) but was still frisky. He frequently chased & swatted at his doggie counterpart MooShu and loved to lay in the sunshine. Anyway...we're terribly sad to see him go. He was the best cat Andy or I have every known. I'm not going to elaborate here since those that knew him have already heard the stories. Suffice it to say, he was dearly loved.

Well, to perk things back up a bit--we've been busy in the yard, Andy's been getting tomatoes ready to go in the ground (yep, we're a bit behind...a baby can slow things down a bit). Lots of other things are really popping out though. Andy loves what he calls his "old lady flowers"- or evening primrose and I'm loving our fancy Iris' They're purpliscious.

Work's been crazy with a couple of big events and budgeting (ugh!) so those are some other things that have been holding up the blogging. We're really starting to see the opening of the new building on the horizon so plans are heating up. It is less than a year away now! WOW. They're finally getting to placing the new "skin" on the building so it's looking more finished these days. Work on the "plaza", the link between the old & new buildings (or the east & west buildings as we're supposed to say!) has started as well. That's where the bulk of the opening events will take place. It really is going to be lovely when finished...especially all the new landscaping. Can't wait.

So, I'm really looking forward to my first Mother's day as a mom coming up next weekend. Sounds like we'll have a good group out to Coco & Poppy's house for some good eats! There are so many things to celebrate in May--Mother's Day, Dad's Birthday, Andy & my anniversary, Andy's mom's birthday (LouAnne), Fran's Birthday I forgetting anything? Jeez. That's enough right there! I guess we won't have any graduations to deal with for a while (whew!)

It's a blast to see how Lathan's developing. He's getting really strong and can hold his head up really well these days. We do a lot of "pull up" and tummy time exercises that keep him on his toes. Speaking of toes, he really loves to stand and I'm sure he'll be running around the house in no time! He'll probably walk before he crawls, he just seems like that kind of kid. He's also really started chewing & drooling lately. It's pretty cute (and slimey). Here's one of the toys he most frequently slobbers on (Lamby). Thanks Suzie & Rene--he loves this guy.

We have a checkup with the pediatrician at the end of the month so I can't wait to hear what they say. It's always interesting to see what milestones they've met and which are coming up. I'm sure teething is fast approaching! He's sleeping great (and he's doing so right now). We usually get at least 8 hours out of him at a time at night...of course we (or should I say, I) only get about 5 of those at a time 'cause I gots ta gets my LOST and 24 in when I can! He's great though...8 hours, up for a short feeding and then 2-3 more hours. Then a couple hours up in the morning and another short nap. There's a lot to take in! It's so nice outside today we'll probably go out to the park for a walk.

Ok, I don't want to push my luck here so I'm signing out. Hopefully I can get out some more frequent updates this month!

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