Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CAPTIONS ONLY! So Many Pictures!!

Lathan today outside with Zebe--Andy babysat and had him bundled up for some AM gardening!

Such a cute face and what awesome knits!  Lovely blankie from Fran and a killer toque from Marcie Schwartz!

Bundled up again...can't believe how cold it was yesterday afternoon!  

One more pensive shot.  It's as if he's staring right through you!

Let the drool flow.  That's been his mantra for the last couple of weeks.  Zebe and Lamby take the brunt of it (although Mommy's shoulder needs a frequent wringing out as well)!  Chew, chew, chew!

Coco got lucky during our Mother's day supper and was able to hold Lathan for some family viewing!  Most of the day he was a Mommy only kid (apropos considering it's Mother's day!)

Not a great shot of me but Lathan has a hysterical mug in this one.  It looks like I was testing out a baby toupee on him with my locks!

All the dads at our baby class cookout on Saturday.  These are 5 our of 8 from our childbirth class that we took pre-baby!  This was the first time Andy and I had seen the other parents and their babies.  It was awesome to see the resemblances and of course it was great to share stories!  
Only one little girl in the whole class...man, she has her pick!

The mommies!

The babies (in birth order).  Lathan's first on the left!

Chillin' on the back porch with Mooshu & Lathan.

Going on our daily garden walk.

Lathan's favorite activity with Daddy!  Apparently Andy got some guffaw's out of him today with this trick!  Flying baby! Usually when I do that I whistle the StarTrek theme song.  Yep, someday he'll know his parents are Trekkies and be like "what dorks!".

AWWWWW!  Check out this adorable baby bird that Andy found in the yard.  He hadn't yet learned to fly but he could talk...check out the open beak on this little one.  Andy's the critter whisperer.

I can't resist photographing a cute Lathan moment, even if it means shooting in a mirror.  He just looks so cute dangling from his Baby Bjorn.  Especially in his prison break-out suit :)

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