Tuesday, July 21, 2009


More recent pictures and a couple of videos below. This post was started at 4:30 this morning!

Cuddling Icebat.

Kickin' it with mommy.

At his first concert (on his 6 month birthday) with his first tattoo! Wild child!

Watchin' the show (including the crowd of happy families!)

Glowing in the sunshine!

All smiles!

More smiles for Coco!

Pensive with Daddy.

Learning to clap!

A shot of the show (baby mosh pit!)

Dancing with Coco!

Baby class reunion! Lathan was first born! Lots of legs are dangling off the edge this time!

Checking out his buddy Hayden!

Here's an AM video blog. We're up with some restlessness to accompany some recent teething.

Enjoy Mr. Cutie Puff and scooches in this video!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ALMOST A HALF! Lathan's 6 months old on Saturday!


Well, we've had a great few weeks starting with a terrific trip to Marshall where Aunt Jennifer (Slow-J) and Uncle Mark live. This was Lathan's first extended road trip (past Pittsboro) and he did great!
We hooked him up with some pictures (see below) on the back of the carseat, lots of toys and his pacifier. We were so proud of him!

Jennifer & Mark's house and property are beautiful! We could've stayed for weeks (if they could stand it) but were only able to make it a long weekend. It was great to see everyone--Phil & LouAnne, (see her below with Lathan), Jennifer, Mark, Greg, Joy, Corbin, Conner and Tori!

Here's Conner with his cousin. They share a name! Lathan is Conner's middle name!

Here's everyone inside before dinner...Tori is getting smiles from her cousin!

Here's Andy with Lathan at our accommodations. We had a lovely spot in Hot Springs right by the French Broad River. This is early in the morning before our first day!

Here are all the bikers...sadly Andy and I couldn't go this time but next time all three of us will hit the trail with the rest of the crew!

Here's Jennifer with her nephew. She was so busy entertaining she didn't get nearly enough time with the ankle-biter!

Loungin' in the nursery chair!

Cutie in the sun.

AM drool session.

'Lil Chef Andy (or Sous Chef Lathan) Any of you who have ever seen Andy in the kitchen know that the bandana is his signature (whether he admits it or not)!

Natural light illuminating a cute pink baby!

Super serious look from the boy. He was a bit groggy here and really inspecting our "gong" wind chime.

Here's Lathan giving daddy giggles pre-fireworks. He really scrunches up when Daddy kisses his neck!
His first Fourth-of-July was pretty uneventful. When you go to bed at 8pm you don't get to see a whole lot of fireworks! We did want to commemorate it somehow though so we broke out some sparklers (I think they're actually leftover from our WEDDING over 11 years ago!) That was pretty fun. Aren't sparklers always fun?

Outside exploring nature--one of his favorite pastimes.

Smiles with Daddy!

Mommy getting giggles from Lathan on the floor at Coco & Poppy's!

Poppy (Granddaddy) getting giggles from the boy!

Coco showing Lathan a magazine--he's facinated by the glossy pages!

Now, here's the main event! LATHAN'S FIRST DIP IN THE POOL!!! We had a total blast. Coco, Poppy, Me and Lathan went out to the pool in Chapel Ridge (which is really nice) and had a dip. He was a little reluctant at first (but no crying!) and then he really embraced it! See all the smileys below. We also got lots of video which I'll post next time!

Here's the post pool nap. He's was out like a light within seconds of being put in his seat in the car!


Daddy & Lathan waiting to greet me when I come home from the gym!

Baby boy in the sunshine this morning with Mommy!

Coming soon...a hilarious video of Lathan laughing at Mooshu.
Stay tuned!!