Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rainbows & Babies

Doesn't that sound like the sticky-sweetest title?  Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I might be having a sarcastic's really true.  That's what I've got for you today.
It's weird, this afternoon with all the freakish wind we're having & the occasional rain it's been making the sky look really cool.  I just happened to look out the window above the front door and saw some rainbow-licious light (you know--that freaky afternoon yellow sky when the clouds are dark behind you but the sun is streaming through somewhere).'s what we got--DOUBLE RAINBOW!  Love it.  It's actually over our neighbor's house (they just had a baby in November).  They were away at Christmas and didn't get any of our neighbor goodies (didn't want them to get all funky on their porch for a week) so we thought we would compile several photos of weather events behind their house (yes, there's been more than this one) along with some fresh cookies.  That's one of those things you rarely get...a photo of your house with a rainbow behind it...since when you're on the lookout for one you're likely standing in your front doorway.
In addition to the 'bow I searched through some of my archives and found several super cute old baby pics.  Here are just a few.
This one is baby Andy (his birthday is December 6th but he was apparently 18 days early according to Lou Anne!)  
He is appropriately staged as a gift though (awww).

This one is baby Alyce (my mom) on her first birthday.  Cool toy--very retro (ha).

This one is baby Bob (my dad).  This is one of his calmer moments as a kid--no windows were shattered or fires started in this photo to my knowledge :)

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