Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy week

Well, it's been a busy week getting close to the big day...less than 3 weeks remaining.  WOW.
We attended our final childbirth class on Monday where we enjoyed pizza (thank you) & cookies (again, gracias) with our fellow classmates and learned about labor with pain medications.  It was also a very "arts and crafty" class including making paper-plate fans (yes, I know how juvenile that sounds) with encouraging words on them for labor.  It truly felt like a second grade project but somehow all of us got into it and "bedazzled" our dorky fans. Now I kind of want to have it with us at the hospital...I think it might give me a laugh.  We also made the "birth plan" this week which should probably be called "a list of demands that are unlikely to be met".  It's a wish-list for labor... assuming everything goes the way you want.  Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.  I did try to make it very positive so the nurses won't think I'm some kind of control freak.  If anyone has suggestions on what kind of nurse-greasing goodies I should take don't hesitate to let me know.  I'm thinking double-chocolate cherry cookies or something of that nature.  Too bad we can't take them some filet mignon with one of Andy's killer sauces...that would have them feeding me grapes and fanning me with palm leaves, don't you think?

Also had an appointment on Tuesday where I'm told that everything is looking "perfect".  I got a verbal gold star from my midwife (although one of the nurses who weighed me said I must have had a "hungry couple of weeks" since my last checkup--how dare she).  We're feeling pretty good about the whole thing but I'm always looking forward to the next office visit.  He (baby) is 37cm right now (and I'm 37 weeks-right on target) and he's in the "head down" position.  For those of you who have given birth you're probably thinking..."nice--good boy".  For those of you who are wondering why that's better he be ready now to come out the right way rather than be in one of the "breech" positions--butt down, one leg down, sideways, etc.  You really learn a lot of interesting information when you're preggers.  

I've been working a decent amount this week but can definitely feel it once I get home.  Still, it's good to be around everyone.  I have gotten a few "what are you doing here" comments but I assure those who ask that they'll get a much needed break from me soon enough. :)

We've been narrowing in on names for the bambino--but we're still going to keep it hush-hush until he arrives.  
We're entertaining a bunch of family names, some cool names we've heard over the years and a couple of unusual ones.  We don't want it to be a nightmare in school with a weird name...although it's doubtful our kid will have the weirdest one.  I can't believe some of the names I've read online and in naming books. For example:  Moxie Crimefighter?   Seriously Penn Jillette (you know, Penn & Teller).  Could you handicap this kid a little more.  Oh, it's a girl too.  Actually, Moxie doesn't really bother me...I guess it's the whole package.
Or how about Matt Lauer's kid Thijs.  Granted, it's a Dutch name but who in the US is going to know to pronounce that "tice"?  Not I.

I did get turned onto a super-cool site (for you Obama fans) this week by a friend at work, Mary Blake, that I've been obsessed with for the last few days.  Here's a sample of the fun.  It's a site to create a "poster" inspired by Obama's pop-art campaign posters.  Check out the Obamicon site at  paste magazine.  I couldn't resist making this cute one of our baby-dog Mooshu.

Not much else to report... although I expect I'll be able to provide some more interesting content in the next couple of weeks.

I can tell you though that Andy has been hard at work on his killer potting shed and it's looking great.  Almost every afternoon he's been able to get out and complete a "row" of shingles (lovely scented cedar shake).  He's about halfway through at this point.  Once the roof is finished it's most likely onto the windows and the interior... he'll have to wait on the outside as the temp has to be more moderate for stucco.  We'll be sure to have a shed-warming event sometime in the late-spring or summer! 

Thanks to all who have sent gifties!!  They're all so adorable and I do have plans to send out some cute thank-you notes in case you were wondering.  Here's a parting photo of me when my aspiration was to be a comet spokes-model.  Funny how chubby knees & legs never go out of style.

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