Monday, January 5, 2009

Here we go!

Hi All,  
Here is the initial post to the new blog that will chronic-(what?)-cle (that's for you digital short fans) the new family developments for Andy and myself.  I've just entered the 9th month with about 5 weeks until the official due date of February 3rd.  We're both eager to meet the little one--it's so hard to wait but we've "rotated the pan and will continue to bake until GB&D" (for you kitchen-folk you know that normally means golden brown and this case let's go with grinning, bouncing & dapper).  
Just this past Saturday mom, Fran & Nana threw a fantastic shower for me & the bambino!  It was so much fun and great to see everyone.  Jennifer Ussery came the furthest...from Marshall in the mountains and back to Gastonia in one day (thanks Jen).  Jackyln Johnson did the reverse as she had another shower to get to up in Wilkesboro (there are babies growing all over the place right now!).  Thanks to all who attended --it was great to see you and I love all of the gifts for the baby!  
I've been "nesting" in the roost since Saturday including removing tags, organizing the bookshelf (which is rapidly filling with super cute books) and trying to figure out where all of those diapers are going to go (I know, ultimately they're going in the multitude of diaper pail liners that I'm sure to be purchasing soon).  There is certainly no lack of estimates on how many diapers are likely to be used in the first year of a baby's life.  Maybe we'll keep track of that for posterity (HA!!) 
Well, that's all I can muster for the first posting but I'll add a couple of photos of two familiar babies just for fun.
Happy New Year to everyone and stay tuned...

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