Sunday, January 11, 2009

Technology is Fun

Confirmation that "It's a Boy!"

Cute face and "melon belly"

My favorite scan--teeny-tiny baby feet (they pack a punch though!)

Now that the "nesting" urge is really kicking in I'm trying to wrap up some projects that have been lingering, one of which is scanning all of our ultrasound images into the computer.  I was surprised to find that they don't really need to do them after a certain point...the last one I had was way back in September!  Anyway, I thought I would include a couple of my favorite images (there are tons of them so I've tried to edit).

As for a baby update...he's been kicking and squirming well this week.  He's gained a new fondness for Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream (that is, when he can't convince me with jabs & punches to go to Cold Stone).  Andy has said all along he responds to sugar, and I'm sure he's right.  I'm sincerely trying to hold back on all the sugar but it is hard to resist when everyone's telling you "you have a great excuse".  Don't worry, we're getting our veggies & protein too.

We've been trying to get out to a UNC game since they're so awesome this season (Andy's chomping at the bit to see them) so hopefully we'll be able to hold out until NCSU-UNC game at state to which we have tickets on the 31st.  It's cutting it close but, who knows, maybe we'll get a great story out of it.

This week was also the start of PEDIATRICIAN QUEST '09.  The two that we visited were both really great.  There's one more to check next Wednesday then we're picking one.  Incidentally, at each of the first two offices we ran into a couple (different one each time) from our childbirth classes.  Small world.

I've been asked at lot when my maternity leave from work will start and I still don't really have an answer.  The plan is to limit my hours but still go in a few days a week.  I have an event this Saturday that's fairly sizable then there's really nothing I need to be around for until late February.  The one in February will be covered by Morgan but I'm going to make it turnkey so he doesn't have to deal.  It's a members "re"-opening of the American Gallery.  It's really just highlights of the collection but it should be a cool exhibition.  One thing they've planned to do for the gallery is use this one as a prototype for the new building meaning they're experimenting with different (minimal) labeling and an all-white layout.  Anyone who's been in the museum in the last 15 years knows that's not our usual M.O.  For the opening (which is titled "Made in the USA") I'm planning a sort of "Gangs of New York" kind of look...sort of early immigration-gritty victorian style.  It should be interesting.  Yesterday I went over to CE Rental to pick out some potential linens.  I'm treating this one like a costuming job--If you saw the movie you remember lots of weird combos.  Daniel Day Lewis has a combination of plaid, suspenders, velvet, brocade and of course that awesome top hat and mustache.  I wonder if I can get all of the waiters to wear mustaches...that would be awesome.  If they only knew the ideas I cook up for them...

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