Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, we've made it a week!  Andy and I just celebrated Lathan's one-week birthday with a card and a picture out in the cold!  Darn that indoor lighting...if it were better we wouldn't have to brave the cold.
Baby likes the brisk air though--you can tell by the scowl he makes, ha!


We signed the card (we figured we could include the photo and write what the first week was like for him to open later in life) and both of us remarked how it was weird but cool to write "MOMMY" and "DADDY"  for the first time in this context.
There are so many little details like that that you just don't think about before parenthood--right other rents out there?

Lathan got to meet his Great-Aunt Fran & Great-Uncle Steve yesterday as well as Lynn Crimmins (you NCMA-er's know Lynn).  They all had a chance to greet the little one even though he slept through most of it.  Later Lathan met his Aunt Wendy and Uncle "B" (Benton) for the first time.  We tend to gauge how much he likes someone by how much he can sleep during their visit (just kidding).  He was pretty snoozy yesterday.  

Mom, Dad, Benton & Wendy came over last night and cooked us a great dinner along with some delicious cupcakes (we'll call that baby's first birthday cupcakes--thanks Nanni).  We're working on the grandparent names--if anyone has suggestions go ahead and put 'em out there.  We're trying Nanni on for size right now.  Grandfather Armstrong is giving "Poppy" a try on for size too.

Today we have Andy's parents (Anna & Papa or LouAnne & Phil) coming in for their first visit as well as my grandmother, Nana (the great-grandmother).  They all seem very excited to meet the golden headed child.  

Also, Mommy (that's me!) got her first trip out of the house solo this morning.  I went to Target where I got a latte from Starbucks and strolled around like I was on Rodeo drive.  It was so luxurious.  Also, it was fun to walk through the baby section and feel like I really belonged there now.  During my pregnancy I always felt like I was kind of sneaking into that area--like a 15 year old in a casino.  You know you're not a legitimate player yet, always trying to look like you belong, but also flying under the radar so you don't get kicked out.  This time I was a high-roller placing the big bets.  :)

Well, I started this around 11:30am and now it's 8:10pm.  Almost time for another feeding (for both me & Lathan) then some quick shut-eye (after watching the premiere episode of Lost--finally!)

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