Monday, November 30, 2009

Fishin' n' Grinnin'

I can't believe it but our little lazy bones is still asleep this morning (it's almost 8am!) so I have a bit of time for an update. I completely forgot to post our pics from Colorado (Lathan's first plane trip!) so I've put a few below. I've also included some current events as well. He's growing by leaps and bounds and has learned all kinds of new skills. I know all moms say this but he keeps getting cuter too. I love his rosy cheeks and his silly smiles. Things that make him laugh these days are the squeaky sound (it's the trumpet playing sound), buzz buzz buzz like a bee and squinting your eyes at him. All hilarious. Oh, and mooshu is the most hysterical thing he's ever seen. Well, it's December 2nd, I have the Humber dinner under my belt and now it's just time to get ready for Lathan's first Christmas!! Can't wait.

Lathan in his cute skeleton jammies scaling my legs. He's a strong baby--I can tell he is trying to stand up by himself because I catch him in the yoga pose downward facing dog frequently. He thinks that by forming a tripod he can stand up.

Here are the two stages of waiting for breakfast. Sedate and WHERE'S MY FOOD!!

These are from our Thanksgiving in Gastonia. We had a great time with Anna, Papa, Aunt Slow-J, Uncle Greg, Aunt Joy and the cousins Tori, Conner and Corbin. Lathan was hugely entertained by the kids (you can see him here investigating Conner's zipper). He was even able to experiment with piano playing (see below).

Maybe a little Amadeus? Just the music, not the insane personality.

The morning we left Gastonia the little munchkin was pretty pooped...see here snuggling Daddy.

Looks like a little rest did him a world of good!

Kickin' it with Uncle Greg--just reading the morning paper.

A few days ago we made a trip to visit Nana, Lathan's Great Grandmother, in Kinston (or K-town as we call it). He had a wonderful time visiting! He chased Coco around the house giggling the whole time, found some lovely prismatic rainbows cast on the cabinets in the kitchen--"where do those come from" he thinks, and he enjoyed playing the "I'VE GOT YOUR NOSE" game with Granddaddy! Altogether a fun time.

Look at those rosy cheeks. That the "I've got you!" face.

OK! Finally, Colorado! Beautiful mountains everywhere...lots of great fishin. Here's our guide and dad floating along. It was an amazing day!

Here's my first catch (yep, you can see it around the middle of the frame...yes you can! That would've made a lovely lunch!"). Here's a great shot of the canyon!

Getting untangled!

This was my pumping station "au naturale". The guys gave me some privacy while I tended to the chores. It was a nice rest...but I assure you I was on the lookout (and listen) for any bears!

OK, now we're talkin. Here are a couple of other lovely fishies.

Dad got a nice 'un!

Ah, relaxing back at the place. Lathan decided he was going all out with his GLUG hat and a wine cork. Don't worry, I'm not feeding it to him...just removing it fro his grasp!. He also had some QT with Uncle B and Aunt Wendy on this trip. Here he's just chillin' with they guys. They look like they're deep in conversation!

I love this pic, even though it's blurry, because it's after our big event in the parking lot of a grocery store in Vail. Just before we were all about to hit the road back to the place after a lovely outing, Lathan decided to have the biggest blowout I've ever seen (still...that one truely takes the cake). Coco and I spent a good 20 minutes rangling this messy creature in the back of a rental SUV (trying not to soil it!)--went through all of our wipes and had to go into the store for more! Oh, and we didn't have any backup clothes (there was NO WAY he could wear that outfit home) so I had to put him in one of my t-shirts that I had spare (whew). That's how he rode home. I love this expression though---that "FINALLY, I feel MUCH better now Mommy!" look. Priceless.

His first balloon. He loved this thing that we got a the Vail farmers market. That was lots of fun--we even scored some yummy dinner fixins, cuppy cakes and chocolate covered bacon!

Dinner out at a fancy place (we got there realy early). Lathan was great--here you see him enjoying his dinner!

The rare shot of me & Daddy!

On the way out to the airport--this was when he was all dressed up in his mountain man gear! We had a great breakfast, got on the road and listened to a fuss fest for about 3/4 of a 2 hour drive. He was amazing on the plane though!

Pre-boarding--getting ready to get back to his own crib!! :)

That's all for now! Hope everyone is will have a lovely holiday season! Only 22 shopping days left!

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