Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a quick post this morning with a few pics of the Lathan & Mooshu Show. They're becoming best buddies! Mooshu doesn't know it yet though! We've been cracking up this morning in the nursery over velcro on bibs and Mooshu's scootching. Hilarious.

Yesterday we went on a walk with "old baby" (that's Mooshu). He really enjoyed the 70 degree weather and was getting used to the stroller. Everyone did great and we had a lovely time. Lathan has been helping me recover from some back troubles by allowing me time for my exercises and getting me out for walks. What a great physical therapist!

Last weekend we went to Garden Supply Company in Apex to see their open house. They have such killer decorations--Lathan was especially enamored with the Sock Monkey tree display. So cool. Coco accompanied us and was helping Lathan test out his Chuck Taylors as seen below! He's about ready to walk--already a great stander in his crib, along the couch--anywhere there's support. If Mooshu would just stand still long enough he would use him! Also, see Lathan sporting some of his new/vintage duds courtesy of my friend Madeline and her son David. It's great to have friends with amazing fashion sense! Lathan loves his new sweaterpants, cool zip up sweater (ZIP ZIP--just the sound is entertaining) and his awesome aviator star hat. That's my favorite--he tends to rip it off at the first chance of course!

That's most of what's fit to report at this time. We're just gearing up for Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! Can't believe it's so close! More soon!

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