Monday, June 8, 2009

All Day Shopping Extravaganza!

Mighty baby!  I can kick my feet way up in the air~

Well it's Monday morning and we're getting back on schedule! 
 We had a couple of off days where we were up at 4 and 4:30 am but we're back to a 5:30-6ish schedule!  Yippie!
Lathan's just kickin' it on his play mat (should I sing the star trek theme?  It's covered in space ships, flying saucers and planets) Mooshu is scampering around (and wanting to push the squeaker on Lathan's mat desperately) and Daddy is still asleep (he had a long weekend at work).  

Munchkin in his crib.

It's crazy foggy outside (we call this a "Mommy morning")--it has a Harry Potter feel about it.  Of course, it's not blazing hot yet so it's nice.  Lathan, Mooshu and I went out for a morning tour of the garden and brought in a gardenia for Daddy.  They smell SO nice.  Last night we went out for a walk around the yard and Lathan got to grab a giant hydrangea blossom with BOTH HANDS!  Yep, it was a big event. 
 He didn't want to let go and he started pulling himself towards it with his mouth open...yum?  Don't call social services just yet...we're not letting him munch on any plants.


Speaking of munching on things though, he did have his first bit of butternut squash last night and seemed to enjoy it!  He was probably thinking "finally something with some flavor"!  He's not woofing down huge amounts of food but we can tell he's swallowing a bit of it.  I can't wait to let him loose on some chunks of avocado and banana eventually--it will be funny to see him squish that stuff in his hands and presumably all over his face :)

Lathan, Daddy and the first food!

The plan today is to go for a walk, have lots of tummy time and a boatload of kisses.  We might fit a story and a bath in there somewhere too.
So, what's up with the title of this post?  On Saturday Lathan and I joined Coco (Mom), Great Aunt Fran and Great Grandmother Nana on a shopping trip to Crabtree Valley Mall.  It was a 10am-6pm day for Lathan.  That's a huge outing for this little guy.  He was terrific though...only one episode of crying and I think someone just scared him at PF Chang.  He almost never cries like that and it was spontaneous (not tired crying or anything).  Everyone on the trip got something (including Lathan really-he got a cool blender for his baby food-tried it last night on the butternut squash!) which was nice.  We had a great time with the Ladies!  Can't wait to do it again.

Lathan & Uncle B--couldn't be a cuter pic!

Well, here's a short video we took in front of our new computer.  Nothing fancy...just us fooling around and being silly.

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